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I offer trauma-informed and community-based evaluation services, grant and policy writing, and trauma-aware educational training. To learn more about these options scroll down, and then get in touch through the contact form to get started!

evaluation services

With over 10 years of experience, I offer independent evaluation services including design, execution, and reporting. My experience has been primarily with community-based development organizations and nonprofits, and this is my preferred area of work. With added experience as a trauma-informed care practitioner, I conduct evaluation through a trauma-informed, equitable, community- and values-based lens.

training topics
  • Support with Anxiety and Overwhelm

  • Self & Co-Regulation / Accessing Self- and Community-Care

  • Trauma Awareness & Education

  • Decision making approaches

  • Getting clear on your goals, vision, or values

  • Approaches to skill development and self-directed learning

  • Workplace Culture & Co-Regulation in the Workplace

  • Process Mapping and Values-Based Collaborative Work

book a training

How it works: you can select a standard training from the list below, or we can work together to tailor a workshop to your organizations unique needs.


Workshop timing is listed for standard workshops, but we can sometimes condense or expand topics depending on what works best for you.

Standard Workshops:

Trauma and the Brain: Self- & Co-Regulation (2.5 hours)

Trauma-Informed Care (Full or Half Day)

Somatic Approaches to Anxiety and Overwhelm (2.5 hours)

Burnout, Self & Community Care, Boundaries (2 hours)

Active Relaxation (90 mins)

Resourcing Chronic Pain (2 hours) 

Groups & Facilitation:

Youth Anxiety & Overwhelm Group (6-8 weeks)

Facilitated Body Image Support Group (6-8 weeks)

Staff Days or Professional Development (Half or Full Day)

one-on-one counselling psychotherapy

Coming in 2024

I am currently enrolled in Acadia University's Master's of Education in Counselling and will be taking clients in 2024.

please note

My work is not currently psychotherapeutic in nature and is not a replacement for personalized psychotherapeutic services or professional mental health supports.

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