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birth support

**My practice is currently full and I am not accepting new clients until 2024**

If you're seeking a trauma-informed doula for your birth or postpartum, I offer non-judgemental, compassionate, and knowledgeable support.

All of my work is conducted through a trauma-informed, gender inclusive, anti-oppressive lens, and fat-positive lens. I bring years of experience with care work and mental health support to my work and I'm primarily concerned with supporting you in feeling a sense of agency, confidence, and joy in your journey through birth and postpartum.

Full Birth Support Package ($900 plus HST)

Includes three planning sessions with guided support for birth planning, thorough discussion of options, and emotional support during pregnancy for both the pregnant person and the non-gestating parent(s). Physical, emotional, and logistical support during your birth experience. Three postpartum visits (2 hours each).

If the package listed doesn't work for you, please reach out and we can chat about other options. 

“Delaine was everything we wanted and needed in a doula. After previous pregnancy loss it was important to have someone who operated from a trauma-informed perspective and was sensitive to all the ways that pregnancy and childbirth can be upsetting. Delaine was all of this and more, and her attentive listening skills and thoughtful questions helped us to understand what would be important to us for our birth plan. Then, when that plan had to change (multiple times) because of clinical and external factors, she was present and supportive in helping us navigate the changes as well as the emotions that stemmed from them. Overall she empowered us to take agency and ownership of the parts of the birthing process we could claim, which ultimately led to a very joyous birthing experience. Her skills, support, and friendship were invaluable.

-Kris MacKenzie

Training and Continuing Education in Birth Work


Full Spectrum Doula Training with Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings (2021)

Continuing Education

  • Feb-March 2021 - Gender Feels in Pregnancy with Love Over Fear Wellness

  • March 11, 2021 - First Latch for Birth Workers by EnCircle Birth Work

  • March 18 2021 - Lactation, Bodyfeeding, and Sexuality with Andrew Givens 

  • July 14 2021 - Cesarean Scar Mobilization Techniques - Dr. Casey Backus

  • July 20, 2021 - Cesarean Healing & Recovery with Raeanne Madison - Postpartum Healing Lodge 

  • August 22, 2021 - Trans Postpartum with Moss the Doula

  • September - December 2021 Mentorship with Jenna 'JB' Brown, Love Over Fear Wellness

  • Queer and Trans Birth Training with Birthing Advocacy (April 2022)

  • Companioning Clients Through Loss (The Educated Birth, February 2022)

  • Full Spectrum Tethered Oral Tissues (Lactation Education Resources, February 2022)

  • Mother-Infant Attachment: Promoting Connections in the Perinatal Period (TMC, March 2023)

  • Enriching Your Prenatals: Practical Tools for Meaningful Sessions (Birthing from Within, May 2023)




(Intuitive Eating, Body Image, Diet Culture, and so much more) Food Psych Podcast -


(Specifically tackling areas of research around birthing issues - can be a bit jargoney!) - Evidence Based Birth -


(Body positive & Fat positive podcast covering all sorts of body related things that can happen around pregnancy / birth / postpartum) - To birth and beyond podcast -



Queer + Pregnant by Jenna Brown -


Fat & Fertile by Nicola Salmon -


Queer Nursing -


Sweet Nectar (Everything you need to know about Chestfeeding) by Kylia Kennedy -


Transformed by Birth by Britta Bushnell - Link


Memoirs about pregnancy, birth, gender feelings and experiences, miscarriage, infertility, endometriosis and more:

The Natural Mother of the Child: A Memoir of Non-binary Parenthood -


Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front lines by Alexis Pauline-Gumbs -


Like a Mother by Angela Garbes -


Pregnant Butch by A.K. Summers -


Good Eggs by Phoebe Potts -


Ask me about my uterus by Abby Norman - Link




Plus Size Birth:


For ED aware and fat positive fitness in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum: Jessie Mundell is great, and has a great Instagram page too.


Queer doula and educator with some great online offerings (for example a workshop on gender feels in pregnancy) - Jenna Brown (they/them, he/him) -


Processing grief through writing -


Fertility for fat people / people in larger bodies - Nicola Salmon


PCOS management without food restriction - Julie Duffy Dillon


Supporting kids with learning intuitive eating, raising kids with good relationships with food - Ellyn Satter


Sharing your traumatic birth story / having your story heard - Obstetric Justice Project (content warning - people sharing stories of their traumatic births) -


On raising sex-positive children and understanding consent from a young age:




Questions to help decide about medical interventions during birth / labour:


For fat / larger bodied people who have concerns about the healthcare they are receiving - questions to ask your doctor during appointments from Ragen Chastain:


Responses to diet talk:


Some thoughts on sharing about your body image concerns (Aubrey Gordon):



In general I recommend that you seek out stories, experiences, and representation from people who have similar lived experience to you. If it’s accessible and possible seek out providers that affirm who you are. Even having one person like this on your care team can make a difference. 


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