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who is this work for?

You’re feeling stuck, like you keep relying on the same coping mechanisms or rigid boundaries, even though they no longer work for you, but you can’t seem to shift out of relying on them. 


You have trouble connecting with your wants and needs, developing a mind-body connection, and you often feel really stuck in your head.


Maybe you like the idea of embodiment, but you’ve felt like it just won’t work for you. 

Maybe you have a healthy distrust of pseudoscientific or new age approaches, but you feel like you’re not quite getting the support you need from traditional treatment approaches either.


You want to find that sweet spot in the middle that takes your whole self into account without abandoning either side. 


You’re looking for a long term and sustainable approach, that addresses various aspects of  your own life, while also considering larger structural and systemic barriers.


You’ve experienced barriers to seeking self-directed healing, and you find a lot of healing modalities to be inaccessible to you (either because of cost, availability, time, or because they don’t seem to be taking your lived experience into consideration).  

this work is not

for you if…

You’re in crisis, or seeking professional and formal mental health support or psychotherapeutic services. 


  You’re looking for approaches to help you kick ‘bad’ habits or be more productive (for example: you’re hoping to get support with weight loss, needing self-care to be able to continue producing at the rate you are or higher, etc.). The goal of my work is not about helping you adapt / conform to oppressive structures. 

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