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about me

I’m interested in you as a whole person. I want to support you in developing agency, and figuring out how to make healing work for you, (not how to cram you into healing  modalities that don’t suit you).


I’m never interested in telling you what you’re doing wrong  or offering you quick fixes based on changing who you are. I want to find the places that  are working and expand on them, giving you space to breathe and feel joy.


I work with organizations to get clear on shared values, support team building, introduce or strengthen trauma-informed workplace culture,  and on process mapping initiatives to clarify priorities.

I have a Master’s in Community Planning that I spent focusing on community engagement  methods, over 8 years of facilitation and training experience, and certifications in  Movement for Trauma, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Conflict Resolution, Non-Violent  Communication, and more. I am currently enrolled in Acadia University's Master's of Education in Counselling (2024).

I work from a trauma-informed, fat acceptance/liberation, and pleasure activism lens.


Anti-racist praxis is crucial to this field of work in general, a major component of my own self-work, and informs all of my work in the community. If you're looking for this type of work, but would prefer to work with a practitioner that has similar identity/lived experience as you, I am happy to work with you to find someone that is a good fit, free of charge.

I offer sliding scale rates, and believe that cost should never be a barrier for accessing care.

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